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It all began with my intimate love affair with CBD.

Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi, Founder

Wüsah was designed by one simple concept, that medicinal properties from the Cannabis plant may help our body’s ailments. But it’s the lovely queen CBD that takes the prize when it comes to healing without any psychoactive effects, like found in THC. Having an autoimmune disease I was initially drawn to the anti-inflammatory powers and immunity booster found in CBD.

I used to receive steroids injections and had been prescribed strong painkillers in order to help me with my Rheumatism. But unfortunately the side effects to those drugs took a toll on my liver and left me weak, overweight, and still filled with pain and inflammation. When I began CBD it changed everything! It’s natural, it’s medicinal, no side effects, and best of all… it actually works! Cannabis has changed my life and so I’ve created Wüsah CBD for those that simply need a little help, but without the high or messy side effects. I now use CBD daily and I truly believe it’s the reason why I have finally found remission from my Rheumatoid Arthritis.

We all live such different lifestyles and so many of us want the benefits of cannabis but without the high. Wüsah CBD products are available in different styles so whether you prefer to drink it, smoke it, rub it on, or swallow a pill, each product is designed to meet your individual needs.


About Wüsah

Wüsah Hemp CBD and Wüsah Full Spectrum CBD live at the intersection of natural and amazing. They are extracted using a Proprietary Extraction process that protects the molecule from being altered during the process and ensures the highest possible bioactivity. Our CBD is a natural derivative of organic Industrial Hemp, refined to a purity of 99%. Utilizing revolutionary nano-science technology to deliver naturally occurring hemp phyto cannabinoids in smaller, more bioavailable amounts.

We are committed to sustainable agriculture, sourcing our raw ingredients only from NON-GMO crops grown without pesticides and herbicides, and creating an amazing, natural experience.